Carpe Diem by Audivita Studios

The entire world is on pause. This is the moment to seize the day and put that voice to your Wisdom.

Our world has changed. Our economy has shifted online.

Digital IS now your Lifeline!

Leaders are looking for new opportunities and revenue streams right now, ahead of the economic restart.

This is your moment to finally capture your wisdom and produce it in an eBook and Audiobook directly from your home!

Audivita’s continuity of state-of-the-art remote services brings your message to market fast, in as short as 2 weeks, not months or even years.

To achieve this, Audivita Studios has partnered with innovative leaders and top influencers in the publishing and speaking industry to build a strategy, create your content, and execute, launching your new book to market right now.


Continuity Suite of Services

Audivita takes your wisdom, brain trust, and big ideas to market fast! New products are at a premium in this new reality of business. Audivita recognizes the need and responding with a complete suite of affordable solutions.

  • Content Creation: Audivita has teamed up with world-class ghostwriters and publishing experts to curate your wisdom into written formats. From interviews, articles, speeches, raw manuscripts, trainings, and every other source you can imagine, our team will curate, organize, write, edit, and final proof your body of wisdom into market ready manuscript.
  • eBook Publishing: Audivita’s experienced team of graphic designers will get to work with you on style, font, layout, and all other digital format considerations. Your designer will create your cover art, images, and graphics that will compliment your content. Our passion is to produce a high-quality eBook that matches your brand and message seamlessly. Once your manuscript has been converted into the required eBook formats, our team will distribute your eBook on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and others.
  • Audiobook Publishing: Audivita’s team of voice production professionals, using our state-of-the-art technology, will capture your script and convert it into your audiobook product remotely. The process creates a high-definition product fast and is remarkably simple for you to record right from your home or office. Once your recordings have been captured and post produced into a finished audiobook, our team will distribute your book through 30+ online bookstores, including Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and Kindle.
  • Marketing Strategy: Audivita realizes that getting your books to your market requires strong communication collaterals and tools. Our team of strategic publishing experts will work with you to create your product overview, about the author biography, back cover copy, press release, content one sheet or brochure, and video trailer using audio captured in your Audiobook recording session. Our team is available to strategically consult you on your go-to-market strategy and unified branding.
  • Original Podcast Series Production: Your marketing strategy can include an original podcast series to connect your voice to the world, bolster your online authority, and grow your platform, your brand and your core business.


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